Okorie Johnson

  1. 40 Okorie Johnson 6:29
  2. Beckoning Of The Bride Okorie Johnson 6:55
  3. Cloudy-Morn Okorie Johnson 6:13
  4. Fire Okorie Johnson 7:42
  5. Improvisation Okorie Johnson 4:54
  6. In Memoriam Okorie Johnson 2:39
  7. Liminal Okorie Johnson 6:22
  8. Surrender Okorie Johnson 6:41

Liminal On Sale Now

OkCello is the performance and production name of Atlanta cellist and composer, Okorie Johnson. Okorie has performed and/or recorded with independent and major label artists such as De La Soul, India.Arie, Big Boi, Anthony David, Doria Roberts, Callaghan, Brenda Nicole Moorer and Victoria Canal.

In 2015 Okorie launched Epi.phony, a multi-city, 12-show, concert series, integrating cello, live-sound-looping, improvisation and audience interaction.  The series produced the track list for his first album, Liminal, released in 2016 and established him as a pioneer of electronic and experimental string music in the United States.  Okorie’s original compositions collide jazz with classical, EDM, reggae and funk. His songs are deeply emotive and narrative, complementing each other like short stories within a collection.

OkCello productions include a variety of ensemble events: OkCello & Friends and Making it All Up, both shows in which Atlanta artists improvise with or interpret each other’s songs; Wood & Wind, a joint improvisation venture with Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams; NuEnsemble, a multi-genre trio comprised of Okorie, vocalist Cleveland Jones, and classical guitarist John Huston; SoundMind, a meditative cello and yoga experience with yogi, Charisse Williams; and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Casual Fridays series.

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