Nigel Perkins

Recording artist Nigel Perkins is a student of Atlanta music scene pioneers Monyea Crawford and Richard Rollie of LoveChild Productions. Nigel has been featured on 3XL Magazine’s first mixtape as well as DJ Cr$style and the Legion of Doom’s Late Night Tip Mixtape. Nigel currently tours nightclubs & the urban and soul music festival circuit throughout the south. He’s opened up for some of the biggest R&B/Hip-Hop acts and performed on the road with BET Comic View and HBO’s Battle of the Comedians. Nigel is a member of the new generation of R&B artists working to not only preserve but add and expand this genre of music. Nigel’s current EP “That Girl” is available. Nigel and Lovechild Productions look to create a musical legacy that is long lasting and internationally impactful.

  1. Tie My Shoes Strings Nigel Perkins 3:21
  2. Living 4 The Love of You Nigel Perkins 3:43
  3. STAY THE NIGHT Nigel Perkins 4:00
  4. THAT GIRL Nigel Perkins 4:03
  5. TIPSY Nigel Perkins 3:51
  6. SMILE Nigel Perkins 5:21
  7. OH LAWD Nigel Perkins 3:15
  8. SING Nigel Perkins 4:02
  9. CRY FOR YOU Nigel Perkins 4:16
  • “That Girl” EP

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