Nigel Perkins

Recording artist Nigel Perkins has opened up for some of the biggest R&B/Hip-Hop acts and performed on the road with BET Comic View and HBO’s Battle of the Comedians. Nigel has been mentored under Atlanta music scene pioneers Monyea Crawford and Richard Rollie, of LoveChild Productions, who both have been integral to such artists as TLC, Boyz II Men, Lloyd, N-Toon, Tony Rich, Arrested Development, Van Hunt and 112 to name a few. Nigel Perkins’ latest release is the single entitled “That Girl”. This is a musical tutorial on how to treat a woman. Period. Nigel’s voice, as is on point and he delivers to the utmost. He can create a song with that voice that will make you stand at attention with the force he puts behind it.If there was a class on how to act right and peel back from the wrong, on how to learn from mistakes and not to take for granted or look a little closer, then Professor Perkins would be the one to teach it. Perkins has a modern synth-driven sound, with an old-school flavor embedded in his classic vocal delivery. I mean real, feel-good music. This man is talented and he makes real tasty R&B music.We dwell in a social media-driven society that lessens attention spans and compels folks to delete if the jam doesn’t gel in quick time. To stay in the mix, artists have to walk a tightrope, carrying their skills in one hand and enough sophistication in the other to obtain an appeal with both classic and the contemporary fans.Nigel Perkins actually has the ability to navigate the modern-day technological chaos that the industry is wrapped up in, as well as fend off the competition with the various weapons in his artistic arsenal.